Sliders: Season 6 Fan Scripts by Ashe P Kirk

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Hello, I'm Ashe. I started writing these Sliders fan fics in July 2022, and by the time of writing this, in September 2022, I have written more than 120,000 words on various fan works related to Sliders. I don't know why - the muses have stolen my soul and forced me to do their bidding, apparently.

The main series of this page is the "Sliders Season 6" fan script series, but since I completed them I started writing other things, including a Sliders and Quantum Leap crossover that's well over 160,000 words at this point.

About the Fan Scripts:

As if Sliders (1995) continued after a looooong hiatus, the following is a new set of fan episodes in Screenplay format.

Set around 22 years after the established Sliders canon, we revisit the world where Maggie, Mallory, and Diana were stuck at the end of the series.

They've built a life here, and their fame has given them easy lives of luxury- if somewhat isolated. Maggie settled down with Mallory, and they had a child.

Sliding is the furthest thing from Mallory's mind, but he keeps waking up more tired than he was the night before.

Meanwhile, Maggie knows why, and she's reluctant to tell.

This is the start of a series of unlikely events in rapid succession that culminate in many of the cast being reunited. But even after all the joyful reunions, Colin is still lost. Will they ever bring him home?


Conjoined Quinns, Part I

Completed: 26 July 2022
Episode 1 7,399 Words

Over twenty years have passed since the events of Season 5. Mallory and Maggie are married with a child. But Mallory's not well - no matter how much sleep he gets, he is still always exhausted to the point of waking hallucination.

Meanwhile, in another world, a new sliding machine is being built by a familiar face.

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Conjoined Quinns, Part II

Completed: 26 July 2022
Episode 2 6,598 Words

The gang attend a fateful concert. Mallory learns to adjust to his new arrangement. Cole really wants to scan some brains.

With old friends being reunited, it seems like things are all falling into place at once. But who could have expected who shows up next?

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Identical Quinns

Completed: 27 July 2022
Episode 3 6,211 Words

Unexpected visitors create new hope for Quinn. Rembrandt goes out for a steak dinner with Diana. Cole gets to scan more brains.

The basement gets a visitor. Love rekindles. A ghostly apparition may hold answers to the mystery of the group's recent string of unlikely events.

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Mandela Effect

Completed: 29 July 2022
Episode 4 6,853 Words

With the newly found note as evidence, it seems like there are no coincidences to the recent good luck.

But now, everything seems to be coming apart as some of the team ends up in a world where a strange symbol is carved into their hands, and things around them keep changing.

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Completed: 1 Aug 2022
Episode 5 6,947 Words

In their efforts to rescue Colin, the slider gang (original generation + Alt Wade) winds up on a world where a pandemic is ravaging the world and it seems like America is incredibly divided on the seriousness of the virus.

Meanwhile, Quinn is mistaken for some actor named Jerry, and the Professor might be in a spot of trouble after failing to properly socially distance.

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Gender Police

Completed: 3 Aug 2022
Episode 6 9,077 Words

After Quinn gets into trouble, a team of Wade, Maggie, Diana, and Cole attempt to rescue him, but are instead flung to an Earth with a strict patriarchy and literal gender police.

When Cole is arrested for attempting to use a Women's bathroom, and subsequently rescued by a resistance group, the cis women of the team wind up in a rival group with a secret.

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Completed: 5 Aug 2022
Episode 7 8,134 Words

Quinn is recruited by a crack team of three other Quinns all working out of a high budget military facility.
They've built an impressive catalogue of worlds, and established a wide network of embassies, sharing their tech while absorbing tech from other worlds.

But, there's someone in a holding cell that's got a bone to pick with Quinn Bravo.

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Oops! All Quinns

Completed: 8 Aug 2022
Episode 8 7,243 Words

Quinn's never seen a city with so many handsome devils before. Old and new acquaintances await in the futuristic city of Quinn Francisco (a tribute to Rick and Morty).

Meanwhile, Alfa awakens to a smashed timer and a family not his own.

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Quinnternational Incident

Completed: 12 Aug 2022
Episode 9 6,945 Words

Things come to a head with the Quinn Squad, but Bravo is no ordinary enemy to outwit.

Will Quinn be able to rescue his brother, escape the facility, and prevent the annihilation of Quinn Francisco, all in one night? Or will everything fall apart when his plan fails to get the results he needs? How far can Bravo push Quinn into his own dark side?

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Family Reunion

Completed: 19 Aug 2022
Episode 10 12,956 Words

In a double length finale, the whole family has gathered for the Mallory-Welles wedding. Well, maybe not quite - there's one person missing. Maybe they can be found before the big day?
But as one couple ties the knot, another marriage is on the rocks. Can Maggie and Mallory find a reason to stay together?

Hearts are poured out and lives are upended, as everyone reaches a natural crossroads. Where do they all go from here? And what of Missus Mallory, who's living on borrowed time?

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Series Notes

These fics are in the format of screenplay, however in the interest of readability, I have placed them in easy to read, accessible format with adjustable font, text size, and dark reading mode. They are also optimised as best as I could for text-to-speech.


I include some colour markers in my scene headings, denoting the specific version of Earth the scene is taking place on (it gets complicated).

[EDP] denotes "Earth Double Prime", the Earth with the Azure Gate Bridge.

[SW] denotes Seer World, where Maggie, Diana, and Mallory were stranded at the end of Season 5.

[Earth Prime] is the original Earth of the series, not to be confused with the reader's world where Kromaggs notably have not invaded.

[QF] is a special world that is introduced at the conclusion of Episode 7, standing for Quinn Francisco.

These are the "base" worlds I'm using. Other Earths will come and go. The "one-off" Earths will be either denoted by [CPW] - standing for "current plot world" - or no tag at all.

Quinntum Leap

Crossover: Sliders × Quantum Leap Completed: 7 December 2022

Quinntum Leap Cover

A crossover between Sliders and Quantum Leap, this series explores the family relationship of Maggie Beckett (Sliders) and Sam Beckett (Quantum Leap) with leaping and sliding hijinks.

Timeline begins a little after Quantum Leap's original series ending (future year 2002) and after Season 4 of Sliders (past year 1999), and passes into Season 5 territory in Part 3, though some significant things have been altered in the timeline by then.

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Part 1: Uncle Sam

16 Chapters 26,308 Words

Sam's got a wrong to put right in his niece Maggie's life, but it seems he leaped into the wrong Maggie. Furthermore, he seems to be trapped in a jail cell with three other people Ziggy says don't exist.

Set between Season 4 and 5 of Sliders, and after the canon end of Quantum Leap, this is an exploration of the hinted idea that Maggie and Sam Beckett are in fact niece and uncle to one another, albeit from different universes.

Part 2: What Once Went Wrong

22 Chapters 34,852 Words

After his leap gets cross-wired with a slide, Sam is entirely cut off from Al and Ziggy, but he also seems to be himself again.
It appears they have not just landed on an Earth not Sam's own, but they've travelled back in time to 1978.
And, to top everything off, Maggie has a whole host of problems to face, caused by the messed up slide.

The physics geniuses might not be able to work this one out alone - is there anyone here in the past that can help?

Part 3: Original Quinn

12 Chapters 21,457 Words

After Quinn is fused with his double by Doctor Geiger, the sliders return to the post-apocalyptic Earth Prime in an attempt to salvage the tech they left there in 1978, during Part 2, and undo the process.

What they find instead is the remains of a secret project designed to cross both time and dimensions, guarded by someone unexpected.

With Kromaggs closing in, there's only one place to go for a chance to undo the tragic failure of a leaper.

Part 4: Downtime

13 Chapters 21,578 Words

As Sherri and John regroup, the sliders settle in for a long-term task.

In Project Quantum Leap's present, the holidays approach, and Sam returns to discover a few changes.

Meanwhile, a cosmic pinball converges on a remote roadhouse to unite a pair of travellers.

Part 5: Suspicions

13 Chapters 19,910 Words

Sherri begins a daring escape from the Kromaggs, but, as John explains, it's never quite that easy.

There's a traitor among the New Mexico crew, but nobody knows who.

Meanwhile, a team of road-trippers seek answers from a rogue Senator, but on the way are blindsided by someone unexpected.

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