Ashe's ADHD Symbol

A public domain symbol for ADHD. Affectionately nicknamed the "ADHD Pokéball."

Download v1.0

The ADHD symbol.

A graphical diagram of the symbol and its meaning. Text description below.

Transcription of the text in the image:

Proposed Symbol for ADHD, designed by Ashe Kirk

Version 1.0 - The design includes elements representing the core aspects of ADHD.

The outer circle represents the range of tasks we encounter each day.

The horizontal line through the centre represents the wall of executive dysfunction that separates tasks we can complete with little problem and tasks we struggle to start and finish.

The grey zone is tasks we struggle with due to executive dysfunction

The inner circle represents the ADHD brain. Orange is the colour of imagination and energy.

The pale yellow zone is tasks that interest us and that we are able to engage with without issue.

The bright yellow zone represents tasks that give us dopamine and satisfaction.

The vertical pointed line represents hyperfocus, the highly stimulating tasks that grab our interest and don’t let go.

The 3 Dots • • •
The dots within the mind area represent 3 layers of meaning:
1. The 3 presentations of ADHD (Hyperactive, Inattentive, and Combined)
2. Read as an ellipsis “...” it represents moments of absent-mindedness that are common to us.
3. They can also represent the hyperactive concept of having “bees in the brain” where the mind is never quiet.

Possible Changes - The orientation of the symbol could be rotated, though the three dots would preferably stay in the same horizontal layout. Additionally I am open to suggestions on any of the elements to make it more visually appealing or better representative of the community.